OUR Vision

"Swiss Wealth Management for anyone, anytime, anywhere."

"Swiss Wealth Management for anyone, anytime, anywhere."


The purpose of the Swiss Open Wealth Association (SOWA) is to create ideas and business models for wealth management in order to keep the Swiss financial center as a global wealth leader. This is done by gaining new insights, sharing them and implementing initiatives through the community.

What we do

Wealth management in Switzerland and around the world is changing dramatically. The previous big players in wealth management (banks) are coming under increasing pressure. Profitability, regulators, competition from new industries such as big-techs and challengers like fintech and/or startups are omnipresent and have already established themselves in niches and through innovative business models.

However, one of the biggest challenges we see is the change in the demands and requirements that clients will place on wealth management in the future.


We focus on quality instead of quantity and deliberately have the best in their category on board. Wealth management, companies in the luxury segment, fintechs, disruptors and also technology groups are shaping the future of Swiss wealth management together. Expanding, shaping and in some cases revolutionizing. Rethinking, strengthening and expanding Swiss wealth management. Quite simple:

Swiss Wealth for the World